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Becoming Wholesaler

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MysGreen has an offer for wholesale who are looking for the products in their stores or intermediaries Resale partners such as kitchen supply, gourmet food, high-end grocery, gift, antique, and vintage stores, buy our goods at wholesale and then sell them in traditional brick-and-mortar retail setting or on their web site to their customers.

Commercial partners like restaurants, florists, salons, wineries, stylists, nurseries, and bakeries could purchase our products and then provide them for their staff to use. 

We have wholesale prices for products and here is the list:

■ Wholesale for pouches; Price: 50% of the retail price + taxes, Free shipping.
• Small Pouch (W 13cm X H 9.5cm / W 5.1" X H 3.7") for C$6/wholesale price, C$12/retail price
• Rectangular Pouch (W 18cm X H 10cm / W 7.2" X H 4") for C$6.5/wholesale price
, C$13/retail price
• Medium Pouch (W 18cm X H 16cm / W 7.2" X H 6.3") for C$7/wholesale price
, C$14/retail price
• Wide Pouch (W 25cm X H 9.5cm / W 9.9" X H 3.7")  for C$7/wholesale price
, C$14/retail price
• Large Pouch (W 25cm X H 19cm / W 9.9" X H 7.6") for C$9.5/wholesale price
, C$19/retail price
• XLarge Pouch (W 28cm X H 38cm / W 11.1" X H 15") for C$12/wholesale price
, C$24/retail price

• Double Duty Wet Bag (W 28cm X H 38cm / W 11.1" X H 15") for C$15/wholesale price, C$30/retail price

• Mini Set (4pcs, 1 rectangular + 1 medium + 1 large + 1 strap) for C$22/wholesale price, C$41/retail price

■ Wholesale for beeswax food wraps; 50% of the retail price + taxes, Free shipping.
• 3 Medium beeswax food wraps (W 10" X H 10") for C$14/wholesale price, C$28/retail price
• 2 Large beeswax food wraps (W 14" X H 14") for C$14/wholesale price, C$28/retail price
• 3 different sizes beeswax food wraps (small + medium + large) for C$14/wholesale price, C$28/retail price

• Medium beeswax food bag (W 8.5" X H 11") for C$11/wholesale price, C$22/retail price

• Large beeswax food bag (W 14" X H 16.5") for C$14/wholesale price, C$28/retail price

■ Wholesale for bags; 50% of the retail price + taxes, Free shipping.

• Cell phone or Glasses bag (W 4.5” X H 7”) for C$11/wholesale price, C$22/retail price

• iPad Bag (W 9” X H 11.5”)” for C$19/wholesale price, C$38/retail price

• Laptop Bag (W 11” X H 15”) for C$21.5/wholesale price, C$43/retail price

 Minimal Order & Quantity; more than C$200 regardless of product type in wholesale price


• e-transfer, Cheque, or Credit card

 Packing: bulk


■ How to place an order:
• Please open the link below and select the patterns you want.
(Pouches) or
(Beeswax food wraps)



• If you have selected a pattern, go to the product page. 


(Beeswax food wraps)


•  Please select the size and quantity on the product page and write down the pattern's name you chose.

• Put it in your shopping cart and continue shopping.

• If you put them all in your shopping cart, please proceed with the payment. Payments can be made via e-transfer to: or credit card.

• When the deposit is completed, We will make the product and ship it to you within 3 to 10 days.


• You can contact me by e-mail by writing down the following.

ex) Pouch (Item), Animal Land (pattern), Small (size), 4ea

ex) Beeswax (Item), Posing Cat (pattern), 3Medium (size), 2ea

• Then we will send you an invoice that includes the payment method.

• When the deposit is completed, I will make the product and ship it to you within 3 to 10 days.


We are 100% handmade products. We can guarantee that our products are of high quality compared to other products.


Again, thanks for your interest in our products, and if you have questions, feel free to contact me anytime.











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