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? This is "6pc pouch set in the Hello London Palace Guard" Printed Reusable Pouch.

? All of Mysgreen's pouches are handmade by us in BC Canada!
? We have 6 sizes of pouches and use cotton or linen outer and waterproof-oxford-nylon liner for pouches!



You can keep everything that you like in our pouches! Are you wondering what sizes of bag you need? Here is our recommendation!


? Small Pouch: Great for snack bag, coin purse, card wallet, drugs bag, cosmetics bag, gadget case and more.

? Medium Pouch: Great for the sandwich bag, cosmetics bag, sanitary pads bag, school supplies bag, passport case, and more.


? Rectangular Pouch: Great for sunglasses case, cellphones case, paper bills case, snack bag, pencil case and more.


? Wide Pouch: Great for toothbrush bag, fork & spoon case, pencil case, cosmetics brush case, knitting needles case and more


Large Pouch: Great for the double sandwich bag, organizing & makeup bag, school kit bag, toiletries bag and more


? XLarge Pouch: Great for lunch bag, diaper bag, wet bag, toiletries bag, travel bag, gym bag and more

? Pouch Set A: 6pcs. contains five sizes(1 small + 1 medium + 1 wide + 1 large + 1 Xlarge) with a strap (random color). 
You can save 8 dollars each, rather than buying each one separately.


? Pouch Set B: 7pcs. contains all six sizes(1 small + 1 medium + 1 rectangular + 1 wide + 1 large + 1 Xlarge) with a strap (random color). 

You can save 10 dollars each, rather than buying each one separately.


Check out our other prints and styles in our list:


We have over 200 Patterns, please check them for other pouches!


Check shipping policy and fee:

For Rach, 6pc pouch set in the Hello London Palace Guard


    This is our beautifuly handmade pouch with waterproof lining. 


    ? Hand Made Item by Mysgreen

    ? Made in B.C. Canada

    ? Materials: linen cotton, nylon oxford liner, YKK zipper
    ? Care: washing machine and drier

    ? Custom Order, Wholesale & Retail


  • SIZE

    ? Small: W13cm X H9.5cm/W5.1" X H3.7"

    ? Rectangular: W18cm X H10cm/W7.2" X H4"

    ? Medium: W18cm X H 16cm/W7.2" X H6.3"

    ? Wide: W25cm X H 9.5cm/W9.9" X H3.7"

    ? Large: W25cm X H19cm/W9.9" X H7.6"

    ? Xlarge: W28cm X H34cm/W11.1" X H13.3"

    ? Set A: 6pcs(small + medium + wide + large + xlarge + strap)

    ? Set B: 7pcs(small + medium + rectangular + wide + large + xlarge + strap)

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