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- Handmade by me, Mysgreen from 100% Cotton
- BREATHABILITY and Easy to use: Folds expand over nose and chin; easy mounting by stretchy, soft ear loops.
- COMFORTABLE and reusable: Extra soft and gentle touch for my face; Washable and reusable, easy and fast care.
- PERFECT GIFT: For my family, friends, and colleagues.

Instructions for use:
- Determine which side of the mask is the top. It is correct that the filter pocket is facing upwards.

- Determine which side of the mask is the front. If the filter pocket is placed inward, it is correct.

- Place the mask over the mouth and nose and earloop around each ear.

- Pull the top of the mask over your nose and pull the bottom of the mask under the chin.

- For Adult, (W) 7?? X (H) 6.5??, (W) 18cm X (H) 16.5cm

- For Child, (W) 6.25?? X (H) 6??, (W) 16cm X (H) 15.25cm 

- For Toddler, (W) 5.5?? X (H) 6??, (W) 14cm X (H) 15.25cm


If you want to change to the child's or toddler's size, please leave a note when ordering. I will make it in the size you requested and send it to you, not for adults.


- 1 premium Cotton Mask

- 1 single-use filters


reusable waterproof pouch:

Click the link below to purchase the available waterproof pouch to keep the mask and filter hygienically.



A mask is 100% cotton. You can use the washing machine with cold water and the dryer. But I recommend hand wash and hang to dry.



You can purchase mask filters, PM 2.5  separately.


Thank you.

Cats printed mask reusable face mask with filter pocket Washable Cotton Mask

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